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Hanoi】COWS MASUDA VIETNAM CO., LTD(Masuda butcher store)| Fresh beef tongue is popular! Fresh meat for your table in Hanoi!

Currently in Vietnam, a large amount of meat has nowhere to go due to the decrease in tourists and the shrinking restaurant market caused by the Corona disaster. The owner, Mr. Masuda, launched his butcher store this year with the hope that the meat from cattle raised with time and care will be consumed in the right way.
One thing worth noting is freshness! The meat he handles is purchased directly from a wholesaler in Vietnam and is extremely fresh. It takes about two days for delivery, but when you order, you receive fresh meat that has been slaughtered the day before. Since supermarket meat is generally 3 to 5 days old, it is hard to find meat as fresh as this at home. The wholesaler buys in bulk to keep the selling price down, making the meat affordable.



Outside Skirt(70,000VND/100g). It is low in fat and the more you bite it, the more the umami flavor spreads in your mouth.


The popular “Top Beef Tongue” is very juicy just by pan frying without oil. Beef tongue” is low in fat but has a rich umami flavor, and can be purchased in blocks for tan stew. The “Harami” has a firm texture, and you can taste the umami flavor every time you bite into it. Pork belly and pork tenderloin, which are easy to use in cooking, are also available.



Easy-to-use pork belly (28,000VND/100g). You can also order by the block.


Unlike Japanese beef, Vietnamese beef is healthy and low in fat. We hope you will enjoy the chewiness and umami of fresh meat at home. Check out our website and SNS!

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